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Yahoo Data Breach Affects over 1 Billion

Yahoo Inc. announced Wednesday that it believes hackers in 2013 got away with the personal information of more than 1 billion of its user accounts after breaching their email accounts. This incident is separate from a similar one announced in September that potentially affected 500 million users.

In a recent press release, the internet search giant stated that an investigation has revealed that “unauthorized third parties” lifted names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords and in some cases encrypted or un-encrypted security questions and answers from the hacked email accounts. Hashed passwords refers to the function that prevents passwords from being converted into their original plain text. No payment card or bank account data is believed to have been stolen. Furthermore, Yahoo said that they have “taken steps to secure user accounts and is working closely with law enforcement.”

Yahoo said it was unsuccessful in identifying the perpetrators, but believes the incident is separate from the half-as-large data breach it announced in September, though the types of data stolen are eerily similar. Like in the hack revealed Wednesday, the stolen data included personal information such as names, email addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth, but did not include payment card or bank account data.

Law 360 reports that in the wake of the September announcement, Yahoo has been hit with several proposed class actions in California and Illinois federal court alleging the company violated federal and state consumer protection and privacy laws by failing to keep users’ information secure.

The question that arises here, however, is whether or not this can be at all acceptable. Any rational person understands that accidents happen, as do breaches in security, and that there are a lot of shady characters out there trying to do this at a constant rate. But, for a multi-billion dollar entity like Yahoo to give up this information twice in an incredibly close time frame has to be looked upon as completely reprehensible by all.

Instead of looking to grow even larger, companies with a market cap like Yahoo’s ($36.7 billion) should be insured beyond a reasonable doubt that the immense amount of data they are granted day after day is absolutely, positively secured.

If you are one of these many people affected by this security breach, please contact us today. We, at Consider The Consumer are ready and willing to use all of our many resources to aid in your recovery process. Events like these must stop instantly! Get your voice heard today.

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