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Xinjiang Genocide


Xinjiang Genocide Against Muslim Uyghurs Detained In Concentration Camps?

Multiple Genocide Reports Against Muslims in Xinjiang: Are They True?

Crime is most often part of the news in any country globally, and it may range from petty ones to major crimes.

China is currently in the news because of a potential crime in its handling of Uyghurs and other minority Muslims in the western region of Xinjiang and may be considered as genocide.

This is according to a report by a bipartisan commission of the United States Congress.

The CECC or the Congressional-Executive Commission on China reported they found evidence last year that crimes against humanity or possibly genocide are happening in Uyghurs.

China has set up complexes in Xinjiang, and they are seen as concentration camps.

However, the Chinese authority describes them as vocational training centers to stop extremism and teach people new skills.

The United Nations reports that one million Uyghurs and Muslims are currently in detainment in Xinjiang.

Beijing denies the accusations that there are crimes against humanity being perpetrated against the detainees.

The CECC report is requesting a formal US determination on whether the atrocities are true in Xinjiang, and the decision should come out within 90 days of US legislation passed on December 27.

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, during his last days in office before President-elect Joe Biden takes over after President Donald Trump, downplayed the possibility of an announcement in January.

CECC co-chairman and Democratic Representative Jim McGovern called out China’s action to crush human rights in the past year and asked Congress and the incoming US administration to hold China responsible.

 Xinjiang Camp Refugee

A Former Detainee From Xinjiang Camp

US and China relations have not been good over the years, as disagreements arose, from the pandemic to trade, human rights, espionage, and the national security law China implemented on Hong Kong.

To decide if there is a genocide occurring in Xinjiang will be an embarrassment to China.

It may also pose problems with Biden as it may complicate US-China relations more, especially that his campaign has already called out to China that genocide is occurring in Xinjiang.

Crimes against humanity, under international law, is the widespread and systematic intent to wipe out part of the population, and to even prove there is genocide, is very difficult to prove.

Pompeo has even labeled reports of China sterilizing, forcing to abort, and coercive family planning against Muslims as shocking.

This was because of a report last year by German researcher Adrian Zenz, which the CECC report also included.

If the US declares that there is genocide, it would mean that the two countries would have to think long and hard about allowing businesses in Xinjiang, which is also the leading global cotton supplier.

It may also complicate matters with US sanctions vs. China.

US Customs and Border Protection also reported that the US imposed a region-wide ban on cotton and tomato items from Xinjiang over claims that they were the results of forced labor by detained Uyghurs.

Editor’s Note on Possible Xinjiang Genocide:

This article aims to create awareness of the possible genocide carried out against Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang, China. 

This piece is mostly based upon the news from USA media and the congress’s reports.

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