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What's Next For McDonald's?

The underwhelming nature of McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast menu has continued until its eventual plateau into a commonality. Don’t worry, you can still get your McGriddle at 9 am, 12 noon, or 3 in the morning, as the brand will continue to offer breakfast all day, but the small sale surge the gimmick had sustained was short lived, pressuring McHigher Ups to ask the question, what’s next?

McDonald’s officials will point out here that the 1.3% sales decrease from this time last year is actually because things have returned to normal, as traffic was up at this time last year due to excitement over the nationwide rollout of constant breakfast. With that being said, however, the chain will need something to boost their sales again, and that normally benefits us consumers.

What will be the next sales driver? More than likely, it will be ordering without speaking to another human, in either through touchscreen kiosks or a mobile app.

The Consumerist reports that another idea that the company is counting on was previously known as the Create Your Taste burger, an upscale product within McDonald’s with “premium ingredients” and slightly premium price tags. The chain has combined that line with its Chef Created products to get a line called “Signature Crafted Recipes,” only with a simplified order process.

While that idea has potential, and has been tested overseas for a while now it doesn’t have the visceral appeal to fast-foodies that the phrase “all-day breakfast” does. It’s been obvious to McDonald’s and to observers that it couldn’t ride the hash brown train forever, but the company needs a hit that its franchisees won’t hate.

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