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Violence Against Women Act The Senate 2021


Violence Against Women Act – Senate To Review VAWA & Equal Rights Amendment

The Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act will be reviewed by the Senate to check implications with newly approved firearm restrictions.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was initially signed in 1994 by former President Bill Clinton. 

It aims to safeguard women against any form of abuse, violence, and discrimination that they may suffer.

The bill lapsed in 2019 during former President Donald Trump’s administration.

In March 2021, the House approved the renewal of the bill. The law was passed with a 244-172 vote in favor of renewing the bill. 

The vote was made to support safeguards that the law has made, including protecting women from stalking, discrimination, violence, sexual abuse, and to provide programs that will help support and protect victims.

The 2021 revision of the law is set to be reviewed by the Senate and is expected to receive some resistance due to the newly added provision that may affect approved regulations.

2021 VAWA

In the 2021 revision of VAWA, the House added a provision to prevent individuals convicted for stalking or domestic abuse from purchasing guns.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) strictly opposes the newly added restriction of buying firearms for convicted people.

The Senate, which is set to review the bill, will need to consider both those who would like to support VAWA and oppose gun restrictions.

Aside from the firearm restriction, the revised VAWA bill also aims to provide additional protection to transgender women. 

It seeks to allow transgender women to gain access to shelters and prisons designated for women.

President Biden has encouraged the Senate to come up with a vote and send the bill that he will sign quickly. This is to address the increase in domestic violence reports received during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Equal Rights Amendment

Aside from the VAWA, the House has also approved the request to remove the deadline for reviewing the Equal Rights Amendment.

The Equal Rights Amendment of the United States Constitution aims to provide equal rights to all American citizens, regardless of gender. 

It was first introduced in 1972. However, it was officially approved in January 2020 when the 38 signatures required to fulfill it were finally completed. 

The House approved the joint resolution to remove the expiration date in the Equal Rights Amendment. It was approved with a vote of 222-204 in favor of the 28th Amendment. 

Individuals against the amendment’s passing of the amendment argued that the window to approve the bill has already passed since it was first created in 1972. 

President Joe Biden has recognized the House’s effort to approve the bill. He stated that the bill has been long-awaited and that it is about time that a law is passed to ensure gender equality. He adds that no one should be denied their rights.

The Violence Against Women Act and the Equal Rights Amendment are both set to be reviewed by the Senate.

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