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Valentine's Day Deals and Steals, Free Food For You and Yours

The most commercial holiday of all time is upon us, and that means people will be going out, spending money, and eating meals with the ones they tolerate more than most. Every restaurant will be competing for your business, and that’s good for you! The reason, is businesses will give things away for free to get you in the building, and the holiday is a fine time to find discounts and deals on meals out. Or heart-shaped pizzas or doughnuts or other carbs.

Below is a list of free stuff, for you:

Free Food With a Catch

Auntie Anne’s: Buy one, get one free heart-shaped pretzels (see below) on Feb. 14 as long as you’re a member of its Pretzel Perks rewards program. You need to have already downloaded the app and joined the program before Feb. 12.

Mimi’s: Get a free entrée on your next visit after leaving a note for someone you love on the chain’s Facebook page. There’s also a deal where couples can get a three-course meal for free if they get engaged at Mimi’s on Valentine’s Day, if they have the ring on hand. Couples who get engaged at Mimi’s restaurants on the holiday can post a photo on the chain’s Facebook page to enter to win a $500 gift card to the restaurant, or anyone can enter the drawing by following the instructions on the contest page.

Qdoba: The “Qdoba For a Kiss” promotion is essentially a buy one, get one promotion where you get the freebie if you smooch a loved one. Or a stranger. Or yourself, presumably, if you’re eating two burritos.

Schlotsky’s: The chain will give away 100,000 free bottles of hot sauce at its restaurants while supplies last. (Warning: auto-play video at that link.) Not all locations are participating, so check before you go.

Shoney’s: Customers who get the “all you care to eat” Food Bar will get free hot fudge cake. The Valentine’s Day version of the bar costs $24.99 per couple, and $12.99 for singles.

Auntie Anne’s: They’re calling these “heart-shaped” pretzels, but they just look like slightly narrower pretzels than normal to us. They’ll only be available on Feb. 14.


Dunkin’ Donuts: They have heart-shaped donuts, as well as an Instagram-based contest where people are encouraged to share their love stories that involve Dunkin’ Donuts, and we are fairly certain they have to describe the love between two people, not a person and a donut.


Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Pizza Hut, and Valentino’s: All of these chains are reportedly offering heart-shaped pizzas this year; check with your local restaurant to make sure they’re taking part first. Local pizzerias or your favorite regional chains might be taking part as well, but prepare for disappointment.

In years past, here’s what Papa John’s thought was a “heart-shaped” pizza:

Image (3) 2010-02-13%2018.17.50.jpg for post 10002143

What we’re saying is that maybe you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much if you order one of these.

If you lived in Israel, you and your sweetheart could enjoy a special Burger King Adult Meal promotion, which includes two Whoppers, two fries, two beers, and what BK refers to as “A romantic ADULT TOY.”

If you know of another holiday deal at a national or regional chain that we left out, please let us know!

Credit: The Consumerist

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