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United Airlines' Fees Go Over Your Head

Forget chivalry, it is common courtesy that is dead. In what world do we live in that we are now being charged for overhead storage on planes? The whole point of the overhead storage bin was to inconvenience you slightly, but make it and all around more pleasant trip for you and your seatmates – as it grants more room for your person, and less clutter. The Consumerist asks the question should fliers have to pay to access the overhead bin on their flights? And the answer is: absolutely not.

At least one lawmaker agrees with me, and rightfully so has he wants United Airlines to ditch a new lower cost fare option that limits travelers to exactly one small carry-on item that fits under their seat. This lawmaker, and all around smart guy, would be Senator Charles Schumer of New York.

United Airlines unveiled its “Basic Economy” tickets in November, 2016, which basically reminds customers over and over again that this is America and you get exactly what you pay for and not a dime more. If you opt for this “Basic Economy” option, consumers are tasked with baggage limits, boarding last, non-guaranteed group seating, and there is absolutely no way they get a bag of complimentary peanuts. Schumer has taken issue with this policy, calling it one of the “most restrictive policies on airline passengers we have seen in a long time.”

“Air travelers are sick and tired of being nickel-and-dimed for every bag they carry and every morsel they eat by airlines that are already making sky-high profits,” Schumer said, PIX-11 reports.

He points out that airlines have too many fee policies as it is, and we agree yet again, Senator! To read our article discussing this other nonsense, click here.

“Already, airlines charge extra for checked luggage, pillows, peanuts, and headphones and now you’ll have nowhere to store them,” Schumer said.

It’s getting to be ridiculous. Sure, flights have been cheaper than they have been in years, but at what real cost? Fliers are being nickled and dimed on every other possible avenue, making us long for the days of gross-free-airline-food. To note, United Airlines operates on a revenue of nearly $38 billion, and holds a market cap of just under $22 billion. It looks like they really need your extra $25 for a carry on.

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