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Tito’s Vodka Responds To: Tito’s Vodka Is Not Handmade

As promised, we reached out to the company after posting a piece surrounding the allegations that Tito’s Vodka is not handmade. Very graciously, Tito’s Vodka responded with a statement to counter these claims.

Tito’s statement is as follows:

“We are a private, family-owned company and out of respect for Tito’s privacy, we do not discuss its financial information.  We also don’t tell anyone outside the company exactly how we do our distilling. Too many competitors would love to know our secrets – not that the big foreign suppliers would ever invest the time and hands-on attention that would be required to make vodka the way we do.  We can tell you our process of cooking every drop of alcohol we use to make our vodka in a pot still has not changed.  We taste every batch we distill to make sure we are producing what we hope is the finest and smoothest tasting vodka available.  Always have, always will.

Obviously, one cannot boil alcohol in a distilling process with one’s hands, so we find these law suits to have been without merit as the Handmade in our name is not literal, but is used to communicate the same care and quality we have put into producing a fine tasting product for the 20 plus years we’ve been in business.  We cannot really talk about the lawsuits other than to say there were many copycat type suits (10 in all) and each have been dismissed save one that we plan to fight vigorously to protect the use of our brand name, Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

We want to thank our fans for seeing through such oppression of success and concentrating on what matters, great tasting vodka at a fair price.”

Since Consider The Consumer published its initial piece in this saga there have not been any updates on the case. Our reporters, however, are following the lawsuit as closely as possible and when an update does in fact occur, we will have it for you as quickly as we can type it out.

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