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The Changing Landscape of the E-Commerce World

The level in which online retail sales in the U.S. is projected to hit climbs well over $520 billion within the next 3 years. With this being said, it is not at all surprising seeing the uptrend of companies around the world beginning to invade this particular American market; capitalizing on all that they can.

E-commerce has completely changed the consumer game – enabling a pseudo-palpability amongst buyers and sellers throughout our constant buying/trading/bartering processes. We live in a hyper-connected world allowing ourselves to be reached in seconds, at any time, and our consumption methods have quickly followed suit.

As international companies continue to impede on this emerging market, they must simultaneously begin to learn, understand, and appreciate the American consumer.

Some may deem the group as a gluttonous stampede, willing to buy anything with a markdown, but what many don’t realize is the incredibly particular nature of the American consumer, being turned away quickly by anything less than a perfectly seamless online shopping experience. From website performance to customer service, it is an expected feature that every component of an e-commerce transaction is finely tuned to produce the greatest possible experience for the consumer.

This is where, I believe, the biggest difference and the largest obstacles lie. If you look at international websites now, whether they be legal or “illegal” (depending on which way you see it), or anywhere in between, there is common ground throughout the lot: browsers and buyers find them to be, well, sketchy.

To be fair, this doesn’t necessarily show a lack of care or perfection seeking on their part, but instead the optimization of what their constituents find imperative. Instead of “wasting” money on flashy services and presentation, international companies tend to put all of their money into whole and resale mechanisms, leaving the user experience a bit mundane.

As world’s collide, though, a change is bound to occur. Being that the American market is the leading market in this field, US citizens will probably not see much of a change on their end, but instead noticing their go-to international outlets adapting.

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