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Taco Bell Trims The Fat

With our New Year’s Resolutions just about on their way out, most of us look toward Taco Bell for the comfort we need after that long, grueling week of dieting. Taco Bell, however, has yet to give up on their resolutions, as they have begun to roll out a list of “commitments” for the future of the fast food chain.

First on the list is the major decision to get rid of extra large (“XL”) soda cups starting in 2017. This is more than likely due to the connection between sugary drinks and obesity, though cynics continue to point out that this is a bit disingenuous, being that Taco Bell still equips customers with $5 meals that contain over a full day’s worth of calories, along with one of these drinks.

Keeping with this dubious commitment to healthier products, the chain says it will also remove preservatives and other additives from its food by 2018, but only “where possible.”

Some of these healthy commitments have already been put into play, as the company already decided that they are going to phase out all medically important antibiotics in the chickens it sources by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

While these promises were good enough to earn Taco Bell a (barely) passing “C-” grade on its recent antibiotics policy report card (an improvement from its previous “F” grade!), the lack of detail in the pledge and the fact that it appears to only apply to a small number of antibiotics has some critics questioning the company’s commitment.

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