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SN9's launch


SpaceX’s SN9 Crashes On Landing – Elon Musk To Focus On SN10

SpaceX’s SN9 Starship Launches But Crashes Landing After Ascending To 10km

SpaceX is a private spaceflight company that launches satellites into orbit and delivers not just cargo but crews to the International Space Station or ISS.

It was the first private company to send off a cargo ship to the ISS in 2012.

Elon Musk emphasized that he started SpaceX in 2002 to help colonize Mars, as it’s important for us to become a multi-planet species.

Elon cited both a chance to lessen the probability of extinction and the thrilling experience of exploring space and how people can travel.

SN9, the recent prototype of SpaceX’s Starship vehicle, recently soared the skies on a test flight from the company’s South Texas headquarters on the Gulf Coast.


SpaceX’s SN9

The stainless-steel SN9 launched off at 3:25 EST, and it seemed to fly well, turning down its three Raptor engines systematically as planned, hitting its target altitude at 6.2 miles, and doing a complex horizontal flip as it usually does during an operational reentry through the atmosphere.

But the landing was a complete disaster. The SN9 did not seem to slow down enough or get vertical for landing.

It hit the touchdown site with a crash 6.5 minutes after it lifted off, exploding like the three-engine SN8 prototype on December 9.

SpaceX is developing a Starship to take people and payloads to the moon, Mars, and other planetary destinations.

It comprises two elements, a spaceship, and a rocket, and they are designed both to be at full capacity and be reusable as soon as needed.

The final Starship will make use of six Raptors for power, and the rocket or Super Heavy, will make use of 30 engines, according to Musk.

The spaceship will be strong enough to get off the moon and Mars, but it will need an enormous boost to get it off a much bigger Earth.

SpaceX is iterating toward a final Starship spaceship through a series of complex prototypes, one more advanced than its predecessor.

Although the December 9 flight violated SpaceX’s Federal Aviation Administration launch license, according to the FAA.

That violation led to an investigation and the suspension of testing that delayed SN9’s launch until recently.

SN9 Crash

SN9 Crash

The December test launch of the SN8 Starship prototype at SpaceX’s headquarters in Boca Chica, Texas, was seen as a success by Elon Musk, but the FAA did not like the outcome, as they oversee ground safety and are the ones issuing licenses for private launches.

SpaceX is not focusing too much on the SN9 mishap, but its attention is now on the SN10, and its pre-launch testing is soon to come.

Editor’s Note on SpaceX’s SN9 Crash:

This news is about the recent failure by SpaceX regarding their SN9 Starship’s launch.

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