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What You Need To Know About Social Security Disability Claims

Social Security is one of the best examples of how the state and its government lookout for its people by establishing a support program that can aid people during their times of need. 

The United States Social Security offers a lot of benefits to its members – from retirement to disability benefits.

The United States Social Security Administration is the mandated government agency that is in charge of ensuring that every American social security holder receives the right and just benefits they have worked so hard for all over the years. 

However, these benefits may be hard to receive because of the bureaucracy set up, preventing the person needing help the most to receive the necessary relief. One of them is the Social Security Disability benefit. 

A Long Road Ahead For Social Security Disability Claimants

Just like any other government process, filing a claim to receive Social Security benefits can be confusing, time-consuming, and even drag to the average person. 

This holds particularly true when it comes to disability benefits. 

People who have suffered a medical condition that makes them unable to work for over a year are eligible to file a claim. Also, those who are just waiting for their final days due to an ailment can also qualify. 

However, this is just only the beginning for them. They have to undergo a series of steps in the process of their claims.

It may have many stops, delays, and twists and turns, resulting in a total headache for the claimant and its beneficiaries. 

After filing an initial claim, it can either be examined for further review by a designated officer at the agency’sagency’s Determination Services office or get flat out denied. 

They look into two key factors in approving a claim – the claimant’sclaimant’s work history and current employment status. 

Also, the agency looks at whether the claimant’sclaimant’s reported impairment belongs to the Social Security Listing of Impairments. 

A decision usually takes between three to six months before it is handed over to the claimant.

According to statistics, only 37% of claimants have their initial claim approved without undergoing appeal. 

For those who have their claims rejected for the first time, the process will just be much longer and arduous.

Rejected claimants only have two months to file an appeal. Failure to do so will render the claimant’sclaimant’s initial claim null and void.

Thus, they will need to refile their claim. A different officer will then handle the appeal to review it. 

If the claim is rejected again, the case would be then forwarded to an administrative law judge to review the pieces of evidence presented and witnesses that would support the claimant’sclaimant’s claim for Social Security Disability benefits. 

If denied yet again, the claim will then be handed over to the Social Security Disability Appeal Council. 

It is responsible for looking over the legality of the decision. It is not, however, a trier of factual evidence.

They may decide to approve the claim, hand the case to a different judge, or deny the claim. 

Social Security Administration

The Federal District Court will then step in if a claim is denied at the Social Security Disability Appeal Council.

They have the power to overturn the agency’sagency’s earlier decision or send the claim back for their review and consideration. 

With all those steps and processes, the supplement of factual and accurate information and shreds of evidence is very important.

Also, all throughout the process, several important deadlines and requirements are asked for from the claimant for their claim to be processed by the authorities. 

This is where a legal expert, particularly with rich experience in handling Social security Disability benefits cases, can lighten the claimant’sclaimant’s burden. 

From the very beginning of the time a claimant’sclaimant’s initial claim is rejected, it is in their best interest to reach out for help to an experienced lawyer that would help them strengthen their case before resorting to an appeal. 

If it gets rejected again, the previous hearings and other legal processes a claimant will face will need an attorney’s expertise to be handled properly. 

Editor’s Note on What You Need To Know About Social Security Disability Claims:

This feature is a primer that aims to inform claimants of the process of filing a Social Security Disability claim and how expert legal help can make it a lot easier. 

If you are about to file a Social Security Disability Claim or have your initial claim rejected, do not hesitate to reach out to us here at Consider The Consumer, and we would be more than happy to connect you with experienced legal counsels in the field. 

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