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SET TV Is Unavailable and Not Responding, We Did Some Digging

In the past 48 hours, Consider The Consumer has received numerous complaints on behalf of SET TV, as the streaming service is down, and unresponsive, though it very unclear why. A message on the Set TV site says, Thank you for visiting SET TV. SET TV service is currently unavailable. The company also tweeted out a similar message Thursday evening, which is shown below. We are currently investigating this matter as to why SET TV is unavailable, and what they plan to do about it. Many of the complaints we received touched on the fact that SET TV continued taking customers money, before ghosting us all.

It is possible that the website could be down due to maintenance issues or a technical problem, but most consumers have noted that its sudden unavailability is due to a copyright lawsuit filed against Set TV back in April.

We have reached out to the company twice over the last 24 hours, but the company has yet to respond. Once they do, please check back here.

Set TV offers a service of many movies and live TV channels for only $20 a month. As noted above, just two months ago, the company was sued by numerous big names in the entertainment industry, such as Amazon, Netflix, Sony, Disney, Universal and many more, as they alleged that the content SET TV was offering was all acquired illegally.

Per the complaint, “the service provides hallmarks of using authorized streaming services — a user-friendly interface and reliable access to popular content — but with a notable exception: the customers only pay money to Defendants, not to Plaintiffs and other content creators.”

After some digging, we have found that the BBB lists Nelson Johnson and Jason Labossiere as Managing Members and numerous online articles tell us that Labossiere is the guy running the company, as does the complaint referenced above. The company was formed on 3/16/17.  The two managers listed (Jason Labbosiere and Nelson Johnson) were removed from the LLC in November 2017.  The Chateau Living Rev. Trust and the Macromint Trust are the current managers of Set Broadcasting LLC. however, we could not locate any additional information on the Trusts.

Moreover, In 2014, AndroidPolice linked Labossiere to a misleading domain. They found that Labossiere and his business associates were using an official sounding site to sell a device that AndroidPolice described as a “crappy Android set-top box.”

Further, AndroidPolice also dug up Labossiere’s YouTube account, which contains promo videos for HCG Diet – an extreme, totally illegal weight loss program that involves injecting HCG.

If you have any updated information as to why SET TV is unavailable, please let us know! Shoot us an email at, find us on Twitter or Facebook, or even connect with us directly on our website! At the moment, we are reaching out to any and every resource that we have to get this problem solved.

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  • Kenneth Clair says:

    We bought the box and paid for the 12 month membership, we ordered it in December and received it in the middle of March, now we spent the 150 dollars for the box and 199 dollars for the membership and we have nothing. It’s getting harder for families to save money when people are always stealing it. Such a drag l. How do we get our money back from this.

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