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Ring in the New Year with some New Wheels

Like many probably did, if you waited for the beginning of 2017 to pick up your new ride – you’re in luck! More so than usual, it appears that there are some pretty good deals on both purchase and lease options throughout January and February.

Though the holidays are over, your search for a new vehicle has just begun as January’s list presents a wide variety of appealing deals, according to Jack Nerad, Executive Editorial Editor at Kelley Blue Book (KBB).

In fact, he says this month offers bargains on a wide variety of vehicle types. A particular KBB favorite is the 2017 Nissan Rogue, a compact SUV. It’s one of the 10 best-selling vehicles in the U.S.

Lease deals

Consumer Affairs writes that six of KBB’s top 10 January deals are leases, with the Rogue at number one. KBB says you should be able to negotiate a price of $22,975 and lease it for 36 months with $1,899 down and $189 a month.

In terms of spending the least amount of money, it’s hard to beat the lease deal on the 2016 Hyundai Sonata. The estimated fair purchase price is $21,002 and the 36-month lease requires just $1,449 upfront and $179 a month.

The 2017 Toyota Sienna goes for $34,197. You can lease it for 36 months with $1,999 down and $269 a month.

The Buick Envision is an even more expensive vehicle, going for around $41,000. A 36-month lease requires $3,699 upfront and $299 a month.

The popular Subaru Outback is also on the list of best lease deals this month. KBB puts its fair price at just over $25,000 with a 36 month lease costing $229 a month with $1,729 down.

The Kia Cadenza is valued at $33,970 with a 39 month lease costing $299 a month with $1,499 upfront.

Purchase deals

If you’d rather purchase a vehicle, KBB has four suggestions. The 2017 Hyundai Veloster can be purchased for $17,711 with $4,000 cash back.

The 2016 Chrysler 300 sells for around $34,000 with generous incentives — 0% financing for qualified buyers and $3,000 cash back.

Another Chrysler product, the popular Jeep Cherokee SUV, can be purchased for around $25,000 and comes with $4,500 cash back.

For the economy-minded, the 2016 Chevrolet Spark goes for $13,697 this month with $1,000 cash back and 0% financing for qualified buyers.

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