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Supplements Under Scrutiny

Recently, a class action concerning fraud has been filed against PhD Fitness, as the suit claims that the company’s athletic supplements produced and sold by the defendants did not contain the “science-backed ingredients” as advertised. PhD actually touted the use of Creatine HCL for muscle growth, whereas Creatine Monohydrate was the more effective compound in the products mixture.

PhD formulates, manufactures, advertises and sells the popular Pre-
JYM and Post-JYM sport supplements throughout the United
States, including Michigan, South Carolina and Washington. However, it is claimed that the company markets its Products in a systematically misleading manner, stating that the products have characteristics and benefits that they do not, as the example at the beginning of this article touches.

In short, the company’s multiple, prominent misrepresentations regarding these sport supplements form a patter of unlawful and unfair business practices that harm the company’s consumer base.

The company’s management have boasted about their knowledge and expertise in sports supplementation since PhD’s beginnings, which highly affect its marketing schemes. These claims of prowess and proficiency, however, are thought to be false and deceitful, as they give customers a false representation of what they are actually putting into their bodies.

Through the companies marketing use of “proper dosing,” consumers are getting a false sense of PhD’s competitors “incompetence”, as PhD blames these other companies for “underdosing” or “micro-dosing” their products, using words such as “concentrated” to trick buyers into thinking their smaller serving sizes are more beneficial and cover a wider spectrum of supplemental materials.

None of these claims, however, are backed by science, which leads us to more and more questioning of PhD’s expertise in the field. In fact, it is to be believed that this “micro-dosing” theory is fatally flawed. First off, the company fails to realize that the bio-availability in a product like creatine is the key to the effectiveness of the compound, not the water-solubility – meaning that the effectiveness is determined by how much of the compound is absorbed into the blood, and ultimately, by the muscles.

Numerous products are outlined within the complaint and are under scrutiny within the class action. If you are like me, and have purchased products from PhD before, act now and act fast!

The above are just a few examples in which we are highlighting from the case, but the complaint goes on to list many; you can access a copy of the full complaint here.

As previously stated, if you believe you have been affected by the alleged wrongdoing surrounding this case, please contact us today! We will be able to use our resources to guide you through your next steps.



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