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PokerStars Lawsuit Details – $1 Billion Dollars To The State to Pay $1 Billion Dollars to Kentucky State Government

The company behind the online gambling site is ordered by the State of Kentucky Supreme Court to pay up more than $1 billion to the state government as a result of a court decision on a lawsuit concerning illegal gambling losses against the company.

Magistrates from the Kentucky Supreme Court has overruled the decision made by the state appeals court and decided to adapt the earlier decision on the case rendered by the Franklin Circuit Court.

The Franklin Circuit Court has commanded $870 million from the online gambling company along with interest.

In their promulgation, the Kentucky Supreme Court also said that the amount mentioned above may not be able to compensate the actual cost suffered by the Bluegrass State.

State authorities led by the Governor has been cited by the Associated Press to have said that the company now owes $1.3 billion to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The decision stemmed from a lawsuit filed by the State of Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet a decade ago.

One can attribute the filing to an alleged violation of Kentucky State Law, which states that it is illegal to play online poker for money.

If a person ends up losing $5 or more in illegally-made bets, bereaved parties have half a year to sue to recover their money.

When nobody decides to file a lawsuit, there is a specific part of the law that states that “any other person” can do it on their behalf.

State authorities say that from 2006 to 2011, there were about 34,000 individuals from Kentucky who had lost more than $290 million when they made their bets on PokerStars online gambling platform.

Coinciding with this, Flutter, the company behind, has blocked access to the sites of those residing in the Bluegrass State.

The company also shared in an email statement cited by the same Associated Press report that they were surprised by the lawsuit’s results.

They add that they believe that the basis is an antithesis to the modern legal precedent being followed in the United States.

They share that they only made a fraction of the amount that the court is asking them to pay to the state.

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