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Nokia Set to Bring Back Classic

Through sneakers, jackets, and styles alike, we see old, retro, relics from our past reappear constantly. In the latest installment of “my father would wear that,” Finnish manufacturer HMD Global is reportedly set to re-launch the iconic Nokia 3310 later this month, bringing back memories of brick-built, snake/solitare-enabled, “dumb” phones.

Venture Beat reports that HMD Global, which has exclusive rights to market Nokia phones, will launch four phones from the brand during the Mobile World Congress on Feb. 27.

Three of the to-be-released phones (which will include the Nokia 6, 5, and 3), all will mirror and mimic more modern smartphones, the Nokia 3310 is a ringback to the phones of our past. The Nokia 3310 originally launched 17 years ago and was best known for its incredible, indestructible build, and unkillable battery life. The phone lacked a color screen and nearly every capability modern phones come equipped with, but we loved it just the same.

The new version will be priced around $60 and available only in Europe to start, however, most other details are scarce: Will it be a smartphone in a vintage phone body or a “dumphone” that doesn’t connect to the internet? We’ll apparently have to wait until Feb. 27 to find out. Stay tuned, as we’re sure you will…because your smartphone will probably freeze on you soon.

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