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New Year, New Gas Prices

I’m sure everyone wakes up on National Hangover Day and wants to go for a run, right? No? Really? You don’t even want to walk? Well, this January 1st, as you pile in the car to get to the nearest diner to consumer your days worth of calories in bacon, it’ll hurt slightly more as a new tax will heighten the price of gas, so get those boots on.

The Consumerist reported that prices at the pump will rise in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nebraska, Georgia, North Carolina, Indiana, and Florida as new state taxes go into effect, AAA notes.

Drivers in Pennsylvania — home to the nation’s highest state gas tax — have the biggest surge to look forward to, at an increase of almost $.08 per gallon. Michigan drivers have the second-highest hike heading their way, with gas taxes rising $0.073, while Nebraska rounds out the top three with an increase of $0.015.

The remaining states will all see hikes of less than a penny per gallon.

There are some lucky drivers out there, including in New York and West Virginia, where prices are expected to drop slightly. And with a national average price of $2.29 a gallon most drivers will be paying the second-cheapest prices on Jan. 1 since 2009, when the national average was $1.62, AAA says.

In some other good news, the group estimates that U.S. drivers saved around $27 billion at the pump in 2016, compared to 2015.

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