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Netflix Update Allows for SD Storage

Following suit and now offering, as Spotify does, an offline usage feature, Netflix has given its viewers yet another opportunity to take their favorite movies and shows on the go. Originally, this was feature was great! …if you have a brand new phone with plenty of space waiting to be used… However, as for many of the users, this was not the case.

Android users will now have some breathing room, though, as Netflix’s most recent app update lets users set their download location to either internal storage or an SD card.

As The Verge notes, offline content has a time limit, so it’s not like you can download all the movies and TV shows your heart desires and leave them there forever. The feature doesn’t support any Android devices that have a microSD slot, either.

Amazon beat Netflix to the external storage game last summer, when it started offering Prime members using the app the choice to download video content to removable SD memory cards.

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