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MyPillow Needs Wake-up Call

As-Seen-On-TV pillow manufacturer, MyPillow have claimed for years that its products could help people with fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea. These claims brought the company a highly recognizable name, what we’d all imagine to be moderate fame and fortune, and lastly, a 1 million to settlement fee for a false advertising lawsuit brought upon the company by Alameda County and eight other California counties.

Claims in advertising and testimonials by MyPillow lacked “any real proof”, according to a consumer protection complaint filed against the company in Alameda County Superior Court.

MyPillow agreed to pay $995,000 in civil penalties and $100,000 in contributions to California charities that offer sleeping accommodations to victims of domestic violence and the homeless, such as Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County. MyPillow is now barred from making these sorts of claims in the state of California, that their pillows can cure diseases, etc., without a human trial to back up said claims.

Advertising is one of the company’s biggest tools. As reported in an interview with the Boston Herald in May, founder Mike Lindell estimated the company spends $1.4 million on advertising per week, and has sold more than 18 million pillows. In the past, the company’s testimonials have claimed their products can ease symptoms of everything from cerebral palsy to acid reflux to menopause.

Class action lawsuits are not foreign to MyPillow, however. Recently, the company settled in San Bernardino Superior Court, agreeing to pay $5.00 per household to MyPillow purchasers who submit a claim form due to a discrepancy with a pre-sale promise.

Similarly, Consider The Consumer reported just a week ago that another class action was brought upon the company for advertising a “buy one get one free” deal, but instead overcharging customers per pillow, evening out the amount paid by each customer.

Along with these class actions, the company has also faced an additional barrage of legal challenges for years, including a lawsuit from early investors alleging they owned a share of MyPillow, a $550,000 breach of contract suit resulting from a convoluted case in which an employee’s personal credit card was allegedly charged $125,000, and a tax evasion case with the state of New York settled for $1.1 million.

It is quite evident that MyPillow has had its troubles throughout its existence. If you have been hurt by any of their unjust or illegal actions we encourage you to either join an existing action, begin one of your own, or contact us to get the word out. Be wary about doing business with MyPillow in the future, as the company’s record does not show promise moving forward.

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