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McDonald's To Give Away Big Mac Sauce

Admit it. You have either tried, or at least wondered, just how McDonald’s makes their Big Mac sauce. You know deep down inside that it isn’t just “Thousand Island and ketchup, dude” as your incredibly bright friend has tried to tell you on numerous occasions.

Well now, you can stop trying and cut out the middle man, as the brand is giving away 10,000 bottles of the stuff. While you still can’t buy the not-so-secret sauce from the fast food giant, you could win one. 

Mashable reports that McDonald’s is expected to launch a giveaway of 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce later this week, in order to coincide with the company’s recent launch of bigger and smaller Big Mac sandwiches.

It’s unclear how customers will be able to snag a bottle of the topping, or what size that bottle will be, but details on the giveaway will be disclosed Jan. 25. Which is tomorrow, so tune back then for further details!

This isn’t the first time the Golden Arches has pushed Big Mac sauce on longing customers. In Aug. 2015, McDonald’s restaurants in Australia began selling small 25-milliliter tubes (about an ounce) of the sauce directly to consumers for a limited-time.

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