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Let Your Chips Determine If You Can Drive Home

Now, I’m sure that on Super Bowl Sunday, we will all be very well behaved and mild mannered. I’m also sure that we will be respectable citizens, not over eat, and not drink “one too many” coors lights. For those of us that do overindulge, however, we must remember to stay out of the driver’s seat, and this year, Tostitos is here to help. That’s right, we’re at the point in scientific break-throughs where tortilla chips that can not only detect if you have been drinking, but also help you call for a ride home.

AdWeek reports that Tostitos and Uber, along with Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, created limited-time “Party Safe” bags that can detect if a snacker has been drinking and assist in getting the party reveler home safe.

The bags are designed with sensors all around it, and are able to detect any trace of alcohol on a person’s breath. If no alcohol is found, the bag turns green, letting you, and your party know that it’s okay to head home safely.

If the bag detects alcohol however, it turns red and shows the message “Don’t drink and drive.” With this, the bag will then offer the snacker a $10 Uber credit to get home safe on Feb. 5.

The bags are also equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology, AdWeek notes, allowing users to tap their phone against the bag to call Uber.

This is like the Tom Brady of Tostitos bags.

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