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Lawsuit Emerges Around Joint Juice

Recently, a consumer protection class action has been brought against Premier Nutrition on behalf of its “Joint Juice” product. The Defendants claim that  Joint Juice provides significant health benefits for the joints of all consumers who drink it, as the juice advertise that it keeps cartilage “lubricated and flexible”, while also supporting “healthy and flexible joints.” These claimed health benefits are of course the only reason a consumer would purchase Joint Juice and we believe that these advertising claims are false, misleading, and reasonably likely to deceive the public.

Throughout its advertising and marketing techniques, Premier Nutrition communicated the same substantive message on all of the products’ packaging and labeling: that its products will improve  the health of joints and relieve joint pain.

Premier Nutrition’s advertising and marketing campaign is designed to induce
consumers to purchase Joint Juice due to their reliance on the accuracy of the deceptive health benefits message. As a result of its extensive marketing campaign (in 2009, Defendant spent a reported $3.5 million advertising Joint Juice), Premier Nutrition has sold over $156 million dollars of the Joint Juice Products. That’s a lot of faux juice!

The product, though, does not perform as advertised and has cost consumers a lot of money. This class action is brought about for numerous reasons: to halt the company’s dissemination of this false and misleading advertising message, to correct the false and misleading perception it has created in the minds of consumers, and to obtain redress for those who have purchased Joint Juice.

If you believe that you have been affected by these false advertising practices please contact Consider The Consumer immediately! We can be reached by either commenting below, our complaint tab, or directly at We will direct you on where to go and what to do to handle your case. Let’s talk!

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