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Lawsuit Commences Against Walgreens

Recently, a class action lawsuit was filed against Walgreens for misapplying, or not applying, benefits for certain Medicare Plan participants.

The complaint alleges specifically that Walgreens submitted to CMS reimbursement claims for insulin pump supplies pursuant to Medicare Part D, as opposed to Medicare Part B. When CMS denies payment of claims submitted pursuant to Medicare Part D, Defendants then charge the patient who must pay out-of-pocket. Not only is the patient confronted with out-of-pocket expenses for the insulin pump supplies, but the patient is also at risk for reaching Medicare Part D limits. Once reaching the limits, the patient incurs out-of-pocket expenses for all prescriptions filled beyond those limits, until reaching the catastrophic coverage threshold. This is known as the donut hole.

The full complaint is shown below:

If you have been affected by these allegations, please reach out to us immediately!

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