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Covid-19 vaccination program


Is Covid-19 Vaccine Mandatory? Yes & No!

Are You Required To Get The COVID-19 Shot? Yes, But With Some Exceptions

Many health experts agree that in order to revert back to a sense of normalcy, vaccines will play a very crucial role in achieving this feat. 

They may not be the sole factor one can entirely depend on; nevertheless, they may hasten the process of containing the spread of the dreaded COVID-19 global pandemic (Coronavirus disease-2019). 

However, many everyday average Americans have raised concerns about the vaccine.

They have many questions in their minds that they pose to the authorities – are they required to take the COVID-19 vaccine? Can they tap out of it? 

As the country is gearing up its national vaccination program throughout different states and localities, these questions are being asked more frequently as the days pass by. 

In this latest edition, we would like to answer the questions posed by many Americans: Is taking the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory? Are there any exceptions to it? 

As we have done our research, the simplest answer is YES. However, there are many underlying factors and some situations that may warrant a person to be given a pass on not taking the vaccine. 

Covid-19 vaccination

According to Dianne M. Jufras of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Government, nobody can physically force you to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

But many exceptions will allow you not to participate in the national COVID-19 immunization program. 

Primarily, vaccines will not be administered if it runs counter to the person’s strong spiritual and religious beliefs.

Also, the vaccine will not be given to a person if it would have a serious risk to their health. 

As of press time, the federal government is against imposing mandatory vaccinations on a federal level. This is all left in the hands of state governments all over the country. 

In this case, who would be required to take the vaccine then? Employees and students who are eyeing a return to their usual workplaces and academic settings are one of the most likely to be required to get the vaccine. 

There have already been existing rules that require certain vaccines to be mandatory, but with the new COVID-19 vaccine, they can be asked to have it as well. 

But legal experts argue that institutions, schools, and businesses should still abide by the existing law to impose a mandatory vaccination order to their constituents. 

Laws such as the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act guarantee the right of the person to refuse a vaccine because it runs counter to their religious belief and it may cause a danger to their health, respectively. 

Covid Shot

Medical workers are also a part of the group of people who are likely to be asked to get the vaccine.

They are mandated to take certain vaccines, flu shots, and the likes as part of their job, and the COVID-19 shot would be no stranger. 

Other individuals who are also likely to be asked to get vaccinated are those from the hotel and tourism industry and those who are traveling from other countries. 

Workers from hotels and other entertainment places are expected to be asked to participate in the vaccination due to the nature of their work, which requires close contact with individuals. 

Meanwhile, for foreign travelers, other countries may already impose required vaccine shots. 

In the US, however, authorities are only required to present a negative COVID-19 test before being allowed to board their flights and entry into the country’s airports. 

As the US is continuing to ramp up its vaccination efforts, it is expected that many individuals will partake in it. Many people would still have their doubts about it.  

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