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How much to drink


How Much Alcohol To Drink?

Latest Study Finds Less Alcohol Is Better For Your Health

The science aimed at explaining whether drinking brings positive or negative impacts to an individual is always evolving. 

Contending claims and studies have been made and are currently being conducted to settle the question once and for all, “Is drinking well for you?”

The latest advisory from the United States Dietary Guidelines cautioned individuals of consuming lesser amounts of alcohol.

According to the 2020 iteration of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, the daily limit of alcohol should only be limited to one drink for men. Timothy Naimi, M.D., Director of the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research and a committee member of the group that released the 2020 report, shared that earlier findings underscored the risks of alcohol consumption. 

Nevertheless, other studies suggest that with moderate consumption of alcohol, a few noteworthy health benefits will be achieved.

Low to moderate amounts of alcohol use daily lead to better cognitive performance for middle-aged and older adults, according to a 2020 study appearing in the JAMA Network Open scientific journal. 

Another one from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found out that people who drink moderately have a lowered risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

Several factors may have played a vital role in the findings of these studies, such as age, current health, and so forth, but scientific evidence curated in the past years strongly advocates the controlled consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

Tips on controlling alcohol drinking

Tips To Control Your Alcohol Intake

Whether you are a heavy or light drinker and you do it daily or if there is an occasion, experts have laid down a few simple guidelines that you can follow for you to monitor your alcohol intake. 

The first and initial step to take is to assess one’s current state. Do a thorough self-assessment of one’s alcohol habits.

This would let you know whether you drink just for the joy of it or you do it when you are out and about with friends in a club on a Friday night.

You would also be knowledgeable of your preferences, such as choice of alcohol and frequency of your drinking sessions. 

If you drink at home, you can experiment with putting your alcoholic beverages in different sized glasses for you to control how much you drink. Some reports online share that people can cut down their drinking by doing this step. 

Experts share that another key tip to avoid drinking is to avoid the factors that trigger you to do so.

If a certain television series or a group of friends causes you to drink, steering away from them would greatly reduce the chances of you drinking. 

If you are still having trouble with the bottle, there are professionals out there who can lend their hand for you to control your habit and not it having control of you.

They can craft a specific plan or step-by-step process that you can follow to minimize the amounts of alcohol you are consuming. 

Editor’s Note on How Much Alcohol To Drink:

This article is published to inform you of the latest scientific finding suggesting a moderate stance on alcohol consumption.

What are your thoughts on this piece? Do you plan on cutting back on your alcohol consumption soon? 

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