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Hot Phones On The Hot Seat

“The fire went up like this!” Exclaims Joseph Zilonka, a freshman at Florida State University, as he shows WCTV just how high the flames shot up after his phone went ablaze.

Luckily, Joseph was woken up by the preemptive crackling noises his Google Nexus 6p made before ultimately turning into a ball of fire. He later explained that last Tuesday, just before going to bed for the night, he put his phone on the charger next to his bed like he normally would. To his surprise, however, instead of the alarm clock feature, Joseph was woken up by the flames his phone had burst into.

It was reported that the phone got so hot that it actually burned a hole through the desk it was resting on.

“It was five feet away from me. If the phone was next to me it could have lit my bed on fire. That’s scary to think about.” continued Zilonka.

So the saga will seemingly continue, as phones continue to require a fire extinguisher. Of course, this all started with the Samsung Galaxy phenomenon, but there is no telling where it will end. What is scary, however, is that in looking at and comparing all of the Galaxy mishaps, there was something systematically wrong with the way they were manufactured, here, on the other hand, there isn’t much telling why the phone set fire to itself in the middle of the night.

This news also comes in the wake of a Palmview, Texas, resident’s car being set on fire allegedly due to her phone exploding in the passenger seat.

“You can tell by the way the vehicle was burned. The area with the most damage is 99 percent where the fire originated at,” stated Omar Garza, the neighboring Edinburg Fire Marshall.

Though they can’t say with 100% certainty what started the fire, though it “appears to be” from the phone sitting inside the vehicle.

If this keeps up, expect major changes in the makeup of our cellular devices. Over the past few years, the industry has made major strides in making our phones as all-encompassing as possible. You can now surf the web, make phone calls, e-mail, text, watch TV, listen to the radio, and so much more from the palm of your hand. You can’t, however, go to sleep without a fire blanket nearby, as the thought of destruction rages on throughout the back of your mind.

Be careful with your devices, folks, it’s not something to take lightly. You can get seriously hurt, and major property damage can occur. If you have a problem with any of your phones, please contact us immediately, as we will use our contacts to make sure you get the help you deserve.

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