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Donut Tell Me That’s Real Fruit

Though we’re sure that most of you aren’t going to Krispy Kreme to get your daily servings of fruit in, a class action lawsuit has recently been filed for false advertising. Their popular Blueberrylicious Glazed Blueberry Cake donut, along with a few other “fruit-filled” options seem to be missing their main ingredient.

For example, the blue-pelleted-objects found in the blueberry cake donut are in fact imitation blueberries, referred to as “Blueberry Gumbits.” Yum.

According to the suit, which references Krispy Kreme’s Nutritional Data & Ingredients sheet, there aren’t any raspberries in the companies “Chocolate Iced Raspberry Filled” and “Glazed Raspberry Filled” donuts, nor any maple in its “Maple Iced Glazed” and “Maple Bar” donuts either. It states:

To the contrary, the products contain inferior ingredients such as sugar and corn syrup, along with gums and artificial food coloring used to mimic the texture, shape, and color of the premium ingredients (blueberry, raspberry and maple), and induce consumers into believing that the products actually contain the premium ingredients.

The suit, which is asking for more than $5 million in alleged damages claims that other products sold by Krispy Kreme stay true to their name, as the company injects actual lemon into its “Glaze Lemon Filled” and real apple and maple into its “Cinnamon Apple Filled” pastries. This means that Krispy Kreme is certainly capable of injecting real fruit and other real ingredients into its donuts, but also boosts the likelihood that the names given to these deceitful products would trick consumers.

The case goes on to argue that the exclusion of these real fruit and maple ingredients deprive their customers of numerous cancer-fighting vitamins and antioxidants.

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