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DoneGood Does Good This Holiday Season

As the holidays get closer, and our credit card bills get higher, we realize that shopping season is in full swing and many of us are beginning to stand clear of stores, but instead search online to complete our lists. While it makes our lives significantly easier by simply “adding to cart,” it’s more difficult to find out if your money is going to a corporation you’d like to support. Until now…

DoneGood is a new browser extension for Chrome and it is making it easier for eco-conscious consumers to verify that they’re buying a product from a socially responsible company.

The way it works is simple: while you’re searching for a particular gift on Amazon or Google, the extension works in the background to see if a product similar to the one you’re looking at can be purchased from a company with ethical and sustainable manufacturing techniques. Yup, it’s that easy, and costs you nothing more!

The extension is absolutely free, and takes just seconds to install. DoneGood hopes to trigger a “domino effect of good”this holiday season.

Of course, buying a DoneGood alternative can yield both moral and monetary rewards while giving smaller companies with ethical business practices a boost, says co-founder Cullen Schwarz.

In the midst of our supply and demand, consumerism-based economy, increasing the demand for sustainable and ethical practices is key. “Casting your vote for responsible practices is as easy as spending money at companies that share your values,” says Schwarz.

“We believe the most powerful tool for change is the money we spend. We want to help people find better products that they can feel good about, make the world better, and save money at the same time,” he told Mother Nature Network.

Moreover, the company has also come out with a DoneGood iOS app (Android coming soon!), which lets users browse products based on the issues they support. Users can see, for instance, which companies focus on which issues simply by browsing by filters such as “Green,” “Cruelty-free,” or “Minority/women-owned”.

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