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Delta Airlines Scam Hits Facebook, Not Travelers. Offers Two Free Tickets

Scrolling through my Facebook timeline this morning I saw more than 5 friends repost the same picture from “Delta Airlines.” The picture showed appreciation to the company and thanked them for gifting over two free tickets. Of course, doing what I do for a living, I became skeptical and brought it to our editor’s at Consider The Consumer. As suspected, the survey the company prompts you to take is a faux Delta Airlines Scam.

The scam attempts to trick potential victims into commenting, liking, and sharing, while also urging users to complete the survey. The Delta Airlines scam claims that if you do these things, you will have a chance at receiving two free airline tickets when in reality the practice is completely fake and not at all associated with Delta Airlines.

What You Can Do About The Delta Airlines Scam

We urge you, after coming into contact with this Delta Airlines Scam, to report it as spam to Facebook moderators.

Additionally, we also remind you that you should always go to the source (in this case Delta’s legitimate Facebook page) to verify the authenticity of a promotion.

If you have been affected by this fake promotion, or have any more information on the matter, please contact us to share your story!

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