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Delivery Service Text Scam Begins to Rise

Delivery Service Scam Worsens due to the Pandemic

Reports of scammers posing as delivery companies asking consumers of their personal information through phishing texts are slowly on the rise.

The scam has gained new life when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic caused a surge in online shopping. And with the holidays just around the corner, consumers are warned to remain vigilant and report incidences of phishing texts.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said that “what we know for certain is that bad actors will stop at nothing to obtain our personal information, and it is important that we all stay on alert. If you are expecting a package and you receive a text message from an unrecognizable number, independently verify the origin first. Contact the company you purchased from or the individual who sent you the package.”

Do not click on links in text messages as this could allow scammers to download malware onto your phone, or to trick you into entering passwords, credit card details, or other personal information.

How to Know if it is a Fake Phishing Text Message

There are several formats used in fake or phishing text messages, but a lot of them are structured as so:

“FedEx: shipment 71206 updates: on the way.  Click here: c7fsvinfo/oToaiibv6A.  (using different numbers and links in the message)”

The more dangerous ones have the individual’s name on the message, making it appear legitimate and credible:

“Jessica, urgent notice about your USPS package 3K9355 from 04/10/2020.  Proceed to”

Consumers are advised to contact the delivery company directly using the company’s registered telephone number that has been verified. If the message has been confirmed as fake, consumers must delete and block the number.

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