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Covid Class Action Lawsuits Will Continue To Grow; Here’s Why

Here’s Why Covid Class Action Lawsuits Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon

If you think you have had enough of all the Covid Class Action Lawsuits being filed against big corporations plaguing your primetime news broadcast or ending up being the talk of the town over the Internet, well you might expect to hear a lot more of them being filed in courts as the Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) global pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the country. 

That projection is shared by law firm Morrison Foerster earlier this year. This is evident as lawsuits started piling up during the early months of the pandemic’s reign of terror in the United States. Citing government statistical data from the United States Chamber of Commerce Litigation Center, Michael Burshteyn and Tiffany Cheung describe in their article on JDSUPRA that the increase in the number of lawsuits being filed as just only the tip of the iceberg.

Some of them may be legitimate in nature when it comes to fighting for the trampled rights of consumers done by different companies and business entities, however, the head of the Chamber Litigation Center gave out a warning. This opportunity gives people to also file opportunistic class action lawsuits as the COVID-19 global pandemic carries on. 

However, it is highly encouraged for consumers to file cases as they see fit if they believe that their rights are being compromised. In the case of business owners and administrators, the current public health crisis can be a great opportunity to look into their product offering and services to see whether they are attuned to the current needs the status quo calls for. 

Editor’s note on The COVID Class Action Projections:

This news article is created to keep you in the know and inform you of the projected higher number of lawsuits that will be filed in relation to COVID-19.

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