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Cookie Monster In a rock


Cookie Monster Found In A Rock! Real Sesame Street Happening In Brazil…

Cookie Monster Like Rock Goes Viral

An agate rock was found in Brazil, and it unexpectedly went viral as when it was cut in half, the insides was a dead ringer for Cookie Monster, a Sesame Street favorite.

The rock looks rough on the outside, but the shiny and smooth inside of the agate mineral clearly shows Cookie Monster’s blue face.

It is owned by California gem collector Mike Bowers, and he posted a video about the rock on his Facebook page middle of this month, and it quickly went viral on all social media platforms.

The rock was found in Soledade, Brazil November of last year.

It was sent to Bowers by gemologist Lucas Fassari. Bowers received a lot of offers for the stone, some over $10,000, but he has decided he wants to keep it.

Several people have already tweeted about it, especially Cookie Monster.

“Me no geologist, but me think dat rock look a lot like me…” – Cookie Twitted.

Editor’s Note on Cookie Monster Rock:

This short story was published with regards to the recent Cookie Monster Rock that went viral for its unrealistic resemblance with the fictional Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

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Image: © Kennedy News & Media

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