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Chipotle Sued Again

Between giving away $20 million in catering, E. coli outbreaks, claims of wage theft, and a less than stellar performance on Wall Street, Chipotle has taken its fair share of lumps over the past year or so.

Let’s not stop there, though, as another class action suit is being filed by consumers over false calorie information in the company’s menu labeling. The complaint states that the “Chorizo Burrito” menu item is listed to have a total of 300 calories on the menu but actually can have way more than just that.

There’s no denying Chipotle is at fault here, as the tortilla alone weighs in at over 200 calories. So that means they’re either really skimping on the beans, or  somebody along the line made an 800 calorie mistake.

According to Fortune, the claimants are seeking damages and an injunction against Chipotle from labeling its food products with misleading nutritional information. If successful, the suit could apply to anyone who has purchased food from Chipotle in the four years before the complaint was made.

The lawsuit may not come as much of a surprise. Customers have been suspicious about the 300-calorie claim for some time now, and many have gone to Twitter to ask the company about it. In one post, Chipotle answers a Twitter user by saying that the calorie information only applies to the chorizo and not the entire burrito – which, in reality, is what we here at CTC assumed after doing some research into this case.

After using the nutrition calculator on Chipotle’s website to do the math on this, I found that a Chorizo burrito on a flour tortilla with black beans, cheese, guacamole, and lettuce pushes the calorie count to well over 1,000.

Consumer Affairs reports that the suit rails against Chipotle’s labeling practices, saying that by “providing false nutritional information for the menu items, consumers are lulled into a false belief that the items they are eating are healthier than they really are.”

“I will note that we work very hard to maintain transparency as to what is in our food, including our practices for disclosing nutrition information. I’d also note that a lawsuit is purely allegation and is proof of absolutely nothing,” said Chris Arnold, Chipotle’s communications director.

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