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Chipotle is Running Out of Food

Get your burrito bowl fix in sooner rather than later, because apparently the fast casual Chipotle has screwed up yet again.

For months, Chipotle has been focused on winning customers it lost during its safety fiasco. A company executive recently reported, however, that some restaurants don’t have enough food to feed the people who do want to eat there. And, get this, those food shortages are making customers cranky!

In a call with analysts, Chipotle’s CMO, Mark Crumpacker said that the shortages have become an “increasingly frequent problem” as some restaurants miscalculate demand and don’t make enough food. “Running out of food is a very common occurrence at Chipotle,” he explained. “It’s hard to do — to keep up with the demands in exactly the right way.”

The Consumerist states that among the other factors that have contributed to to a less-than-satisfactory customer service experience (as recently noted by Chipotle’s newly-solo CEO, Steve Ells) complaints about food shortages have gone up recently, according to Chipotle’s internal surveys: It’s the No. 2 complaint behind long ordering lines, and just ahead of messy dining rooms, Crumpacker said.

The company says it will improve training to address the recent shortages.

“When trained properly and focused on the right things, they can do it [right] every time,” Crumpacker said.

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