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CDC Warns About Salmonella Outbreak October 2021 - Americans To Stay Alert


CDC Warns About Salmonella Outbreak October 2021 – Americans To Stay Alert…

CDC: United States Under A Mysterious Salmonella Outbreak 

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently investigating a salmonella outbreak of unknown origin across more than thirty states in the country. 

Officials from the CDC have not been able to zero in on the source of the salmonella outbreak that has hit at least 400 individuals in 35 different states. 

However, they speculate that the source may be linked to a lime or cilantro condiment found in food establishments and restaurants where people who fell ill had a meal at one point before they contracted salmonella infection. 

Mysterious Salmonella Outbreak Baffles Authorities

The latest outbreak is said to be caused by the strain of salmonella called Oranienburg, which was found in food samples collected by local and state health officials who visited the suspected restaurants believed to be the source of the outbreak. 

Collected food samples contained different types of food in it; hence the authorities have not yet been able to narrow down the culprit of the restaurant goers’ illness as of writing. 

Although there are no deaths attributed to the baffling salmonella outbreak, it is said that more than sixty people have needed hospitalization and medical care after they have fallen sick due to the salmonella they have accidentally gotten exposed to. 

The CDC speculates that the country is yet to realize the full extent of the outbreak, for many individuals may have fallen sick due to salmonella but did not report it to the authorities due to the symptoms associated with it. 

In addition, many tend to recover from the illness without needing intensive medical care; hence many unknowing victims may have decided not to go to the hospital to seek treatment. 

Health Officials Call On People To Be Vigilant 

Different symptoms related to salmonella infection include fever, stomach cramps, and loose bowel movement. Some show symptoms as early as six hours after exposure, while others may take at least around a week. The usual recovery time of non-severe cases takes around four days to a full week.  

However, vulnerable groups such as the elderly, very young children, and individuals with compromised immune systems may need to seek immediate medical care if their symptoms turn worse. 

Authorities from the CDC have warned Americans to stay vigilant amidst the ongoing mysterious salmonella outbreak. Additionally, they urge individuals to check out with their doctors immediately if they happen to exhibit any of the abovementioned symptoms, for they may be suffering from a salmonella infection without them knowing.

Editor’s Note on CDC Warns About Salmonella Outbreak October 2021: 

This feature aims to inform you of the latest news about the announcement of the CDC about an ongoing salmonella outbreak with its probable source undetected. You might also be interested in the Aldis Kirkwood Frozen Chicken Recall over the risks of Salmonella Contamination. 

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