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Canceled Monday Night Football The Issue With The Mexico City Game consider the consumer

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A Fan’s Perspective: The Real Issue With The Mexico City Game

The NFL Canceled Monday Night Football? Well, Kinda…

By now, you’ve probably heard that the NFL will be canceling their trip to Mexico City, and instead of playing football south of the border, will be moving its international Monday Night Football game to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. This move is due, directly, to the poor field conditions at Estadio Azteca, Mexico City’s main stadium. The issue arose after numerous athletes came out publicly and refused to play on the pre-injury-laden field. As of now, the NFL is aiming to mend this situation as best they can, but here is the issue with the Mexico City game; they are not considering the consumer! 

First and foremost, the game was officially canceled and moved just six days before the event was scheduled to happen. If you travel often, or even semi-often, you will likely understand that many hotels or Airbnb’s require, at minimum, a full 7 days in order for you to cancel your reservation without penalty. Herein lies the biggest consumer issue involving the NFL’s mishap: It is a TON of money lost for any fans traveling to watch their team play–which accounts to about 40% of NFL fans/Game-Goers) per year.

What’s the issue with the Mexico City Game? The Consumers Are Being Shut Out!

In this piece, we follow Ryan Babbitt, a Manhattan-based personal trainer (…total beefcake.), and lifelong Rams superfan. He and his girlfriend had plans to travel and watch their team play in Mexico City, creating a once in a lifetime experience for themselves. The NFL, however, had other ideas…

As of today, Ryan has spent, roughly, $3,000 for his voyage to Mexico City. He has spent $1,200 on his Airbnb (3Nights, 4 Days), $1,000 on round-trip airfare, just over $200 in new gear (not quite a “splurge,” either, with prices as high as $349.99 for a single jersey, per, and $500 on two tickets (tickets for this game cost anywhere between $50 and $326 USD). These tickets, by the way, have yet to be refunded.

All in all, this is a pretty hefty check Ryan wrote for a disappointing, canceled experience.

This initial $3,000 only lends itself to Ryan’s existing wallet, as we also must take into account the amount of time he had to take off of work and distance himself from clients to take time for the game. Babbitt requested two days off from work, and being that he’s a personal trainer, he makes his living client by client, session by session. This mini-vacation is a lot of time lost and a lot of money out of Ryan’s pocket, truly setting somebody in his profession back a bit.

Will The Mexico City Game Be Refunded?

The NFL has stated that a refund policy is in the works, and will be announced in the coming days. As of now, however, over 48 hours after the fact, there is still no official word on this. Either way, while sitting down with Ryan, he questioned if that was enough effort out of the multi-billion-dollar NFL: “It wasn’t just the ticket price that’s setting me back. That was actually the least expensive part of all this craziness.”

The NFL has even come out and announced that they will be providing thousands of complimentary tickets to first responders and those who have been affected by the recent fires in Southern California, which many fans are chalking up to a quick sympathy jab to save face and take the bad publicity off of them. “It’s always wonderful to provide something for people having a hard time,” Ryan started, “but the consumers who originally purchased these tickets are being completely looked over.”

“They’re not holding themselves accountable,” Ryan went on, “It’s just pitiful. The NFL is a major organization with so much money. You’d think they’d treat their fans better. Especially after all the money we’ve spent…”

We agree that Ryan does have a point here. From a logistics standpoint, the NFL should have known about the condition of the field way quicker than the 6 days notice they sprung upon all of us.

After a series of Shakira concerts at the beginning of October, coupled with heavy seasonal rain and numerous soccer matches, the field was left completely unplayable. The final Shakira concert took place on October 11, giving the NFL and the stadium’s crew well over a month to make sure the field was in shape to host an NFL football game.

As the saga continues, we will be covering it, keeping in touch with our friend Ryan and looking forward to his next actions. When updated, it will be covered here, so be sure to check back!

Is the NFL doing enough to comp its fans? Do you have an issue with the Mexico City game? Comment below and let us know your thoughts. Want to keep them private? Shoot us an email to, or find us on Twitter, FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, or even connect with us directly on our website! We look forward to hearing from all of you.






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