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Cruise Ships Banned Canada


Canada Bans Cruises For 2021 – May Affect Canada’s Health Care System

All Cruise Ships Banned From Canada’s Shores, May Put 2021 Cruise Season for Alaska at Risk

With the pandemic taking a good chunk out of 2020, people are hoping to break away from the monotony in the US mainland and go on a cruise to Alaska, where positive cases and hospitalizations are becoming a thing of the past.

Although they may have to think twice about their vacation, the Canadian government has put a stopper on the cruise season for the rest of 2021.

Just this Thursday, Canada has banned cruise ships that have a hundred or more people from passing through its waters till the end of the year.

But what does Canada have to do with Alaska?

If you’re planning to go on a cruise to Alaska, the ship you’re on would most likely pass through Canada shores.

There are also Alaskan cruises, which always start in Vancouver, Canada, and if you’re going by Seattle, Washington, there’s always a one-day stop in Victoria to abide by US maritime laws.

Canada’s Minister of Transport reported that Canada’s decision was related to growing concerns that ships that pass through Canada waters may pose a risk to Canada’s health care systems.

If you ask the cruise ship compCanada’sanies, they’re not too happy with Canada’s decision.

Cruise season in Alaska is enormous, as they welcomed 1.3 million cruisers in 2019 and was even expecting bigger numbers in 2020 before the pandemic.

Cruise ship companies are also worried about the economic impact of Canada’s decision.

Canada cruises banned

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