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Breach of Furs

In fantastically-epic-movie-fashion, three thieves (who apparently have an impeccable sense for life’s finer things) broke through the glass door of a Manhattan store early Christmas Eve, swiping millions of dollars worth of sable fur coats.

The suspects seemed to know exactly what to go for, as they skipped some coats and went straight for others which were valued as high as $200,000.

Police haven’t identified the suspects in the robbery yet, but the thieves were caught on video surveillance so we can’t see it being all too long before they get brought in.

The Consumerist reported on how shocked people were at the way the thieves broke into the store in such a refined neighborhood: on the video, the men rush through the doorway as shards of glass rain down on them.

“For someone to throw a square of granite and to run through, pushing his head through that hole in the glass, who would do that?” a store executive told the The New York Times. “This is Madison Avenue. It’s civilized.”

All told, more than 20 items were stolen, though the store is still assessing its losses.

“The thieves only stole sable coats”, the owner said, and though he didn’t recognize them, he did recognize their taste.

“They know a lot about furs,” he finished.


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