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Beware the Ghost Push this Halloween

A recent plague for Android device users is a vicious malware called Ghost Push. It’s a Trojan virus that some say can’t be uninstalled and keeps downloading unwanted programs.

Cheetah Mobile’s CM Security Research Lab says that it discovered the malware about a year ago has been downloading itself onto unsuspecting user’s devices ever since; on an average of about 10,000 times per day. Once discovered, it surged to the list of Cheetah’s most widespread and infectious viruses to be on the lookout for. By last October, monitoring results from CM Security Research Lab found over 600,000 android users had been affected within a single day.

The virus hides about in what seem to be legitimate software and apps, and once downloaded, it will begin to install other unwanted and annoying apps. These apps include Monkey Test and Time Service.

Not only does it install unwanted programs on mobile devices, but it also pushes ads into status bars and often directs users to deceptive or pornographic sites, where additional malware is then downloaded onto your device.

While Cheetah maintains the Trojan is next to impossible to uninstall, there are a number of internet posts with advice and tips for doing so. One must use discretion in following these directions though, and make sure that they are offered from reliable sources, as scams and threats lie within these platforms as well. Cheetah maintains the best course of action is to avoid getting infected in the first place. Tips to avoid downloading Ghost Push are as follows:

  1. Be extremely careful where you get apps for your device. Avoid downloading from third party app stores and use only known and reputable sources.
  2. Updating your devices to the latest operating system can also help. Cheetah says 90% of the infected devices are using out-of-date operating systems. Keeping devices updated means having the latest security patches.
  3. Also, consider installing a reputable antivirus app on your phone or tablet. They can sometimes stop malware before they can take over your device.


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