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Best Ways To Utilize A Face Mask In 2021

Mask Up! Now More Than Ever Is The Time You Improve Your Mask Game 

Though there are concerted efforts made by different government agencies and civic groups worldwide, experts agree that the current situation due to the on-going COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease-2019) public health crisis would continue to persist for a prolonged period of time.

Although vaccines are already being rolled out and they show promising results in stemming the increase of the number of reported cases of the disease, the very nature of the unseen enemy makes it a lot harder for us to deal with it as the days pass by. 

With the more contagious variant of the virus starting to make its rounds in the United States, never been before authorities have implored people to wear their face masks, along with the imposition of other public health measures in order to control the spread of the disease amongst the general members of the populace. 

Private business establishments also have propped up storefront policies requiring their workers and customers to wear a face mask at all times while working and transacting in-store. 

The virus is continuing to mutate, and new strains are being recorded in other parts of the world.

This makes the fight against the COVID-19 global public health menace a prolonged one. 

As an individual, what you can do to contribute to the global effort to control the outbreak is to follow the prescribed public health protocols. 

The easiest of them is by wearing a face mask at all times – when doing your groceries, running a quick errand, or even when you are out on a date with a loved one. 

Not only are you shielding yourself from the unforeseen enemy, but you are also protecting other individuals around you if you happen to have it and you’re asymptomatic. 

However, with the latest developments, experts agree that the effectiveness of surgical masks is not enough to handle the challenges posed by the newest strains of the COVID-19 virus. 

Now, the proper thing to do is to upgrade your everyday face mask game to catch up with the changing times. 

Face Masks In 2021

How To Test Your Mask

Face masks come in different makes, types, materials, sizes, and so on. 

To know whether a face mask would be a great fit for your needs is to test it yourself. 

To know if a face mask you are about to buy at a boutique or online is the one for you, you need to have a look at its manufacturer. 

Check whether it is approved by authorities and the labels are properly indicated. 

There are many makes of face masks available in the market. Regular face masks and cloth masks are advised for use by the general public. 

Meanwhile, highly specialized medical-grade masks such as N95 are used by medical and allied health professionals who are at the frontlines taking part in the fight of this global pandemic. 

If the product’s label indicates the thread count, medical experts agree that the higher the thread count, the better filtration and protection it can offer. 

Also, face masks that use a combination of two or more different materials offer better protection in warding off the virus. 

The manufacturer’s information is also a key factor that you should consider before buying a face mask for your personal use. 

It should come from a reputable company and should be from a certified reseller if you are not buying it from the company’s official website or store channels. 

Beware of imitation items and if you have spotted one, report it to the proper authorities so that they can take action against these erring companies and individuals right away. 

Make Better Use Of Your Face Mask

If you just have a regular surgical mask or cloth mask with you, you do not need to worry. 

Experts have told time and time again that they already offer an ample amount of protection to an individual when used properly. 

Nevertheless, because of the rise of a far more contagious COVID-19 virus variant, it is a must for everyone to amp up their face mask game in order to be two steps ahead of the invisible enemy. 

One good thing to do is making sure that your face mask fits your face properly.

Misplaced and misused masks may cause them to be ineffective in their job of protecting you from COVID-19. 

Make sure that you use it properly – covering your mouth and nose properly.

If placed correctly, experts share that a person can be protected from getting the virus. 

Two heads are better than one, and that is certainly true when it comes to face masks as well.

Even the country’s top person in fighting the virus, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, believes in that motto. 

They have been frequently shown in the media donning two masks while making public announcements regarding the development of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Double up strategically, an article at Consumer Reports urged. The proper way to do it, though, is to first employ a surgical mask for the first layer and top it off with a thicker cloth mask. 

The second mask adds another layer of protection to a person and makes sure that the first mask lying underneath it fits perfectly well to the user’s face. 

If your face masks come with additional features such as filters, multiple layer materials, etc., do not hesitate to make use of all of them to protect yourself. 

The debate of N95 VS cloth masks should be put to rest once and for all. Yes, the former is far superior on its own, but with the proper techniques, one can easily ramp up one personal protection just by the use of a humble cloth mask. 

Editor’s Note on Best Ways To Utilize A Face Mask In 2021:

This feature is published to give you information about simple ways you can improve your regular face mask in order to level up your protection against COVID-19. 

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