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American Dream and Promise Act 2021


American Dream and Promise Act & Farm Workforce Modernization Act – New Immigrant Bills Passed By The U.S. House Of Representatives For Legal Citizenship

Legislators from the United States House of Representatives have decided to pass two key bills aimed at giving migrant farmworkers, immigrants that were bought to the United States as children, and other qualified individuals a path to legal citizenship. 

The Democrat-led House was able to pass the American Dream and Promise Act, which aims to provide a legal path to citizenship for individuals granted with a Temporary Protected Status for humanitarian reasons. 

The bill is seen to benefit more than 2.5 million undocumented immigrants residing in the United States, with Dreamers seen to gain the most from it. 

Dreamers are immigrants that got into the country’s borders when they were just young children. 

Also covered by the law are individuals from countries ravaged by war or natural calamities with Temporary Protected Status. 

Also, people with Deferred Enforced Departure immigrant status will be provided a legal path to official citizenship.

They are mostly people who face imminent danger to their lives when they go back to their home country. 

The said legislation is one of the most divisive issues heard in the House’s chambers with representatives voting along traditional party lines – with all of the Democrats overwhelmingly voted for its passage dwarfing GOP voices in the lower House. 

On the other hand, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act has been more successful in uniting representatives from the two different political aisles. 

A majority of Democrats were joined by thirty rural Republican representatives who have joined forces to move the passage of the law forward. 

The Farm Workforce Modernization Act regulates immigrant farmworkers and gives them an opportunity to be legal citizens in the United States. 

This is a move expected to help the country’s agricultural sector. 

Though enjoying success in the House of Representatives, political observers agree that they might find an entirely different fate in the Senate.

Divided 50-50 evenly in between political affiliations, a bill needs the affirmative votes of more than 60 senators to advance in a vote to the floor. 

The latest pieces of Democrat-sponsored legislation are expected to not pass in the Senate due to fierce Republican opposition. 

The two immigration reform bills will join alongside a long list of liberal legislation, including gun control measures, voting rights, and other gender-based bills that will be stalled in the Senate due to how the numbers will play out in case of a vote is held. 

They are most likely will not be able to see the light of day as a minority Republican party lawmakers are vehemently opposed to any agenda their Democrat counterparts put on the table. 

Editor’s Note on American Dream and Promise Act & Farm Workforce Modernization Act:

This news article aims to give you the latest updates on the two latest bills passed by the House of Representatives tackling the United States’ certain policies concerning immigrants. 

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