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Amazon Sets Sights on the Moon

People are still amazed that they can order something online and have it shipped to them, for free, in the next two days. Amazon has overcome many of the early shipping and handling problems en route to becoming top dog in the e-commerce game. It doesn’t look like Amazon, and moreover, its CEO, Jeff Bezos, plan on stopping any time soon, though.

From coast to coast, to all over the world, and now, to the moon and back. Yup, that’s right. Bezos has come up with a plan  in which the company will develop a system to ship supplies to future moon settlements.

The Washington Post (also owned by Bezos), reports that Bezos’ rocket company Blue Origin wants to develop a lunar spacecraft project, dubbed Blue Moon, with NASA that would deliver gear, cargo, and other goods to assist in the habitation of the moon by 2020. The project, described in a white paper sent to lawmakers and NASA, doesn’t focus on sending people to the moon but instead providing them with needed products after they’ve arrived.

Bezos addressed the project at an awards event hosted by Aviation Week last Thursday, and a correspondent at the awards, Ars Technica, noted that the CEO believes the project has the “intent over time to building a permanently inhabited human settlement on the moon.

Via the Washington Post, The Consumerist tells us that Blue Moon’s lander would likely travel atop NASA rockets and would land at Shackleton Crater, an area of the south pole that contains ice and continuous sunlight, carrying as much as 10,000 pounds of cargo.

After landing, the spacecraft would be able to assist in science experiments and deploy rovers. In fact, the Post reports that a robotic arm attacked to the lander would use a variety of instruments to examine the moon’s surface. This could enable to service to also bring samples back to earth.

Blue Origin, which has been kept under wraps for the most part, has successfully launched and landed its suborbital, phallic-looking rocket, the New Shepard, five times within less than a year, the Post reports.

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