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Amazon Pantry No Longer Available

Amazon Pantry Products Transferred To Main Website To Consolidate Delivery Offerings

Amazon shut down and discontinued its Prime Pantry service starting January 6, Wednesday, 2021. The e-commerce giant made a move in order to consolidate and streamline its grocery delivery services.

Amazon Pantry was first launched in 2014 and became the retail giant’s first foray into online food delivery.

The service gave consumers a way to order and stock up on non-perishable food items and household products in bulk with a low-cost, flat rate shipping, or free for Amazon Prime members. This is as long as the items fit inside a single standard-sized box that weighs a maximum of 45 pounds.

Amazon Prime members get free shipping when they order items worth over $25. A flat shipping fee of $6 will be charged for Prime member orders below the $25 mark.

Later on, Amazon began offering Prime members a monthly subscription that will give them unlimited Amazon Pantry service for a Prime Pantry fee of $5 on top of regular Prime fees to avoid upfront shipping fees.

This, provided that consumers buy at least $40 worth of products. Orders below the $40 limit or non-Pantry subscribers, will be charged a flat fee of $8.

Breaking Down The Differences Between Amazon Fresh VS Pantry

Amazon has steadily built up its grocery delivery service and is still stronger than ever despite the pantry being removed from its service lineup.

The company has acquired Whole Foods in 2017 and has its own Amazon Fresh stores as well. These services have allowed the company to provide consumers with their orders in two hours or less.

Amazon Fresh, like Amazon Pantry, is a free benefit to Amazon Prime members.

The main difference between amazon fresh vs pantry is that the former lets consumers order fresh groceries, which includes produces, perishables, and even 365 products by Whole Foods, together with daily essentials and local shop favorites and then have them delivered in less than two hours.

Amazon pantry items are usually sold in bulk and are delivered in one to four days.

Fresh orders that are over $50 are delivered without shipping cost. Orders below $50 are charged with a $5-$10 shipping fee.

Prime members can get Fresh for an additional fee of $15. Unlike pantry, the Fresh food delivery service is still active with the same guarantee of free 2-hour deliveries.

Pantry subscribers were notified in December 2020 about the shutdown. It was originally designed to compete with traditional grocery stores.

The acquisition of those same stores has the company’s decision of pantry to be removed, making a lot more sense.

For consumers who enjoyed the Amazon Pantry service and who want to know where is prime pantry available, these products are now transferred to the main website.

An Amazon spokesperson explained in an email that “as part of our commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience, we have decided to transfer Amazon Pantry selection to the main store so customers can get everyday household products faster, without an extra subscription or purchase requirement.” 

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