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Airbnb Invests Big

Like many of the great companies we have today, Airbnb began as a small startup app, looking to make it big.

Unlike many of these small startups, Airbnb burst onto the scene, growing exponentially, far beyond anyone’s expectations. Apparently, however, the app is still not content with their success, as they continued efforts to provide our world’s travelers services by purchasing Resy, a restaurant booking app, for $13 million.

Resy focuses on higher-end restaurants, with about 1,000 U.S. restaurants in 50 markets listed on its platform, compared to the 40,000 locations around the world OpenTable offers for bookings. The service also strives to wield the data it gleans from customers’ to tailor each users’ experience.

“We can curate the restaurants list for each customer so that you’ll see only choices that are really good for you,” said Resy Chief Executive Ben Leventhal, and further adding that the influx of cash will be used to expand into new markets and test software functions.

Airbnb will begin seeing a return on their investment come April, when travelers will be able to book restaurants through the service through the Airbnb app.

They already book you the room, they might as well get dinner, too.

Next up, breakfast in bed!

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