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ACA Health Insurance Reopening – President Biden To Promote Health Support

President Joe Biden Signs Executive Order To Extend Enrollment for ACA Program 

The Biden-led White House is reopening the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) sign up period for an additional 90 days, or three whole months, to entice Americans with no health insurance to avail and participate in the program. 

The sign-up period was supposed to end in December, but the new executive order will give leeway to other people who were not able to fill out the necessary paperwork to be able to be included in the healthcare program. 

Health experts and public policy analysts applaud the Democrat leader’s move as the country continues to reel with the dire effects of the ongoing Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) public health crisis. 

Data from different government agencies, as well as non-partisan think tanks, agree that the move is necessary to cover most Americans that suffered economic losses the preceding year, which led to them losing their health insurance coverage. 

An analysis from the Commonwealth Fund estimates that around 14.6 million Americans have lost their employer-mandated health insurance coverage due to the economic losses brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Biden administration’s signing of the order is seen to reverse the Trump administration’s policies and actions, such as the country’s healthcare insurance and enrollment of eligible individuals. 

This includes the past leadership’s underspending on the program’s information drive, which led to fewer people knowing about the program, ergo resulted in a smaller number of people signing up for the program. 

Joe Biden ACA

What does this mean?

Before, only a select few individuals were permitted to sign up during the prescribed sign-up period. 

It included persons who had a life-changing event in the past 60 days – whether you lost your job, underwent a divorce, or have welcomed a new member in the family, which is not covered by the household’s current health insurance plan. 

With President Joe Biden signing the new executive order, you will be able to avail yourself of a healthcare package even though you do not belong to the groups of people mentioned above.

Beginning the 15th of this month onward during the 90 days additional period, you can head on over the federal government’s website by clicking here to enroll yourself or your loved ones. 

If you believe that you might need additional help beyond the scope of the ACA, you still have options that you can tap into to ensure that you and your loved ones have health insurance coverage during these trying times. 

First, you should check out your state’s Medicaid requirements. Different states have different requirements that a person needs to meet to qualify for health insurance coverage. 

Specifically, twelve states impose a strict income requirement on those who want to get themselves insured with their state’s Medicaid programs. 

These are California, North and South Carolina, Kansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and South Dakota. 

Each of the states mentioned above usually covers the elderly, people with exceptionalities, pregnant women, and other individuals who belong to lower-income generating groups. 

You can still sign up on the government’s official website to know you qualify for your state’s Medicaid program. 

For those who have health insurance coverage under ACA and have lost their source of revenue due to COVID-19, you can head on over the site and report your recent change of income.

This will lead to a bigger subsidy from the government in your current healthcare premium. 

There are still a group of people that can’t afford health insurance in the country. 

But there are federally, and state-funded medical institutions, as well as those run by non-profits, wherein they provide basic medical care to those who will need it. 

You can inquire about it with your local authorities to locate one in your area. 

In these instances, you can receive quality healthcare by paying little to nothing as they run with funds from different organizations. 

If neither of these applies to your situation, we highly recommend that you get in touch with your local authorities in order for them to enlighten you of your options, for it may vary for various reasons. 

ACA Health Insurance Reopens

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