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Street View MDL Settlement For $13 Million

Multidistrict Litigations

Street View MDL Settlement For $13 Million – Google’s Alleged Privacy Violation Case To End…

Ninth Circuit Affirms $13 Million Google Street View MDL Settlement Despite Counterarguments Raised By Attorneys General

The Street View MDL Settlement amounting to $13 million has been sustained by the magistrates from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. 

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Appellate Court Upholds The Settlement

According to the latest reports, the Ninth Circuit has announced that the settlement deal is upheld, and the corresponding proceedings may be initiated in the future.

The recent news came after attorney generals from nine states expressed their concern and objection surrounding the settlement deal. 

They contend that the provisions are unfair because the settlement amount of $13 million is slated to be given to charities and counsel of the case instead of the affected victims themselves.

However, the Ninth Circuit ruled that distributing the settlement amount to the estimated 60 million eligible claimants is impossible, and the alternative settlement proposition is a sound option. 

What Is The In re: Google Inc. Street View Electronic Communications Litigation

The Street View MDL Settlement is a result of a series of class action filings raised against Google more than a decade ago after its Street View program had been reportedly unintentionally gathering the data of unsecured Wi-Fi networks of citizens from countless neighborhoods and communities.

Examples of data Google supposedly collected range from usernames and passwords, emails, and more. 

Because of the number of similar class action suits being brought up against the Silicon Valley behemoth, authorities decided back then to consolidate all of them and turn it into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) case. 

The company did not succeed in having the charges filed against it be dismissed in 2013 after it tried to argue that it

s inappropriate use of data is exempt because of the Federal Wiretap Law. 

It is noteworthy that Google also previously decided to enter into a settlement with government officials in relation to a lengthy probe accusing the tech giant of invading the privacy of the general public.

Editor’s Note on Street View MDL Settlement For $13 Million:

This settlement news is a discussion of the most recent developments involving the Street View MDL. We also suggest you the YouTube Kids Privacy Case.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): In re: Google Inc. Street View Electronic Communications Litigation; MDL No.: 2184

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Northern District of California

Allegation(s): Google’s Street View program unlawfully collected the personal information of unprotected Wi-Fi access points of residents in different areas.   

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