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Kim Kardashian Workers Wages Lawsuit 2021


Kim Kardashian Workers Wages Lawsuit – Failed To Pay Her Workers Their Salaries?

Kim Kardashian Failed To Provide Proper Compensation To Former Gardeners And Workers, Committed More Worker Welfare Violations – Lawsuit 

Reality television star and business mogul Kim Kardashian is embroiled in a lawsuit alleging that she failed to provide proper compensation to her former employees and violated several worker protection laws.

Refused To Uphold Ex-Employees’ Worker Rights

Filed in a California state court, Kardashian’s ex-employees have filed charges against her for allegedly failing to pay them unpaid work and overtime hourly rates after they have worked for her multi-million dollar estate as gardeners and general maintenance workers.

The complainants in the suit included Robert Araiza, Andrew Ramirez, Jesse Fernandez, Christopher Ramirez, Andrew Ramirez, Jr., Rene Ernesto Flores, and Aron Cabrea. 

The seven plaintiffs argued that Kardashian violated their worker rights when they were still working for her. 

Their allegations ranged from Kardashian failing to pay their wages on time to withholding too many amounts from their paychecks. 

They shared that their paychecks got deducted ten percent. When they inquired about it, they were told that the amount would go for their taxes, yet it was untrue. 

Additionally, there were not allowed to have their breaks and were forced to perform work duties during their break time. 

Furthermore, a minor-aged worker detailed that they were asked to work overtime illegally. California has a mandate wherein minor workers are only allowed to work for a given amount of time. 

The plaintiffs added that their employment status was eventually ended when they brought up their concerns to Kardashian. 

Kardashian Not Liable – Spokesperson

In response to the worker rights violation complaint filed against her, a Kardashian representative told a member of the media that Kim Kardashian had no responsibility for the allegations being thrown against her. 

They added that the plaintiffs were hired via a third-party employer, which Kardashian paid for their upkeep services of her mansion. 

Continuing their statement, the representative said that the multimillionaire is not a participating party in the employment terms and agreement between the two parties. 

Kim Kardashian is not the only one in their family that has found themself in trouble for allegedly violating the rights of their workers. Her former husband, Kanye West, was also sued by his former workers for allegedly not paying them the proper compensation. 

Editor’s Note on Kim Kardashian Workers Wages Lawsuit: 

This news article features the latest lawsuit thrown at recent divorcee Kim Kardashian for allegedly not upholding the rights of her former workers during their tenure with her. 

Case Name: Ramirez et al. v. Kim Kardashian West

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles

Products/Services Involved: Labor wages

Allegation(s): Kim Kardashian violated several worker welfare laws by allegedly mistreating her former gardeners and crew staff members. 

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