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Beovu Whistleblower Lawsuit 2021 - Novartis Fires Its Director Over The Truth Behind Medicine Beovu


Beovu Whistleblower Lawsuit 2021 – Novartis Fires Its Director Over The Truth Behind Medicine Beovu…

Lawsuit: Drug Company Novartis Fired Former Employee Because She Exposed The Real Data On Eye Medicine 

A Novartis former top executive has claimed in a lawsuit that the drug manufacturer fired her from her job after she implored the company to correct their information regarding the medicine Beovu. 

Ex-Director Zuhal Takes Novartis To Court 

According to reports, the Beovu Whistleblower Lawsuit contended that Novartis removed its former director Zuhal Butuner after she claimed that the company’s information regarding Beovu is incorrect. 

Beovu is an eye medicine manufactured by Novartis aimed to cure wet AMD (age-related macular degeneration), an illness caused by the growth of too many blood vessels in the person’s macula. If left untreated, it may lead to loss of vision. Beovu works to combat wet AMD by lowering the eye’s VEGF (human vascular endothelial growth factor) to put under control the abnormal increase in blood vessels. 

When used, though, Beovu may cause side effects ranging from blurry vision, eye pain, cataracts to possible broken blood vessels on the eye. Although Novartis has assured the public that only less than 10% of patients suffer from adverse effects, many healthcare experts and patients have raised their concerns about the medicine’s efficacy. 

Butuner, one of Novartis’ former directors, claimed that when she pointed out that a misleading detail regarding Beovu and other competing medicine’s stroke and heart attack rates data should be corrected, she was ousted from her position later on. 

The Beovu Whistleblower Lawsuit is still ongoing, and Novartis has argued that they have not done and committed any wrongdoing towards their ex-worker and their patient patrons. After the allegations were raised by Butuner, Novartis updated the information to reflect the updated data revolving around Beovu and its safety as a medicine.

About Novartis 

Novartis, or Novartis AG, is a pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. The drug company conducts research, manufactures, distributes, and sells different branded and generic drug versions in different parts of the globe. Novartis runs two distinct groups under its wing – one focusing on research and development for breakthroughs in modern medicine, and the other deals with the making of generic and branded medicine products. 

Editor’s Note on Beovu Whistleblower Lawsuit: 

This feature details the suit filed against Novartis by one of its ex-employees after she was reportedly kicked out of her job for pointing out misleading information about Beovu. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Novartis Beovu Whistleblower Lawsuit

Jurisdiction: N/A

Products/Services Involved: Beovu medicine’s accurate data

Allegation(s): Beovu by Novartis poses several potentially harmful side effects, and its maker allegedly distributed misleading information about its capabilities. 

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