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Viatris EpiPen Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit

Antitrust Lawsuits

Viatris EpiPen Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit – Illegal Monopoly For Epinephrine Injections?

Viatris Sued For Alleged Market Monopolization For EpiPens

Drug company Viatris, Inc. is alleged in a class action lawsuit to have implemented an erroneous scheme to retain a dominant market share and freely dictate the prices of allergy medication EpiPens.

Complainant Sues And Takes Viatris To Court For Different Alleged Misdeeds 

According to the Viatris EpiPen Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit by Landon Ipson, Viatris, formerly known as Mylan, took advantage of its dominance by artificially increasing the price tags of epinephrine auto-injector medicine devices or commonly referred to as EpiPens. 

In just a span of a few years, the company jacked up the prices of EpiPens by more than 600% – from the original price of $100 in 2007 to more than $600 after almost a decade. 

Per the class action, the said price increase cannot be attributed to usual factors such as shortage of EpiPens supply to more expenses in the manufacturing of the medicine. 

Landon Ipson v. Viatris Class Action: What Is It

The Viatris EpiPen Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit argues that Viatris has undertaken a series of steps in its grand scheme to keep a hold of its monopoly power to the potentially-life saving and vastly important EpiPen market. 

It is believed that the company’s methodologies include allegedly misleading marketing campaigns to quash competition, misclassification of EpiPens under the government’s healthcare program to cash in millions of dollars in savings, utilization of company programs to entice and keep consumers buying EpiPens from Viatris, and many more. 

The drug manufacturer’s grand scheme ended up enabling it to freely dictate the prices it can charge patients on its EpiPens – leading to countless people paying for an overpriced drug. 

The complainant behind the class action, Landon Ipson, shares that he bought EpiPens for his daughter and paid hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket for his purchase. 

Submitted to a Utah court, the Viatris EpiPen Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit aims to hold Viatris responsible for its misdeeds and purportedly antitrust corporate behavior. Also, it is suing the company for reported violations of an array of federal and state-level antitrust laws and consumer protection statutes. 

What Are EpiPens

Individuals with allergies may need EpiPens to help them deal with anaphylaxis after being shortly exposed to a specific allergen. 

Anaphylaxis is an extreme allergic reaction that may seriously threaten the life of a person and needs immediate medical care. 

The epinephrine in EpiPens is regarded by many medical experts as an effective and fast way to administer the substance directly to the body. Hence, millions of prescriptions are handed out to countless Americans yearly for EpiPen use for their allergies. 

Editor’s Note on Viatris EpiPen Antitrust Class Action Lawsuit: 

This class action report details the newest lawsuit filed against Viatris, accusing it of different antitrust business acts that enabled it to capture and retain its market dominance. Similarly, Pfizer also settled a similar EpiPen lawsuit.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Landon Ipson v. Viatris; Case No.: 1221-cv-00643-BSJ

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the District of Utah Central Division

Allegation(s): EpiPen prices were freely controlled by Viatris after it implemented a series of steps to dominate and cement its leadership in the drug market.       

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