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Beef Price-Fixing Antitrust Lawsuit

Antitrust Lawsuits

Beef Price-Fixing Antitrust Lawsuit – Cargill, JBS, National Beef, And Tyson Accused Of Illegally Controlling The American Beef Market…

Beef Antitrust Lawsuits To Dominate The Industry Giants

In the world of the United States (U.S.) justice and litigation system, law observers suggest that the current decade will see the rise of a wave of antitrust class action lawsuits launched against giant companies in the meat industry over alleged illegal price-fixing schemes.

Cargill And Others To Face Series Of Meat Pricing-Related Class Actions 

Analysts claim that the rising tide of suits filed in multiple states and courts across the country mainly deal with large corporations, namely Cargill, JBS, National Beef, and Tyson – all of which are known to form a gargantuan monopoly that casts a shadow over the whole country’s food sector.

As inspectors speculate, the quartet’s strategic position gives them the chance to engage with illegal beef price-fixing practices for their own financial gain, all the while disregarding everyday consumers’ best interests.

According to reports and insiders privy to the cases filed against the four meat giants, it is believed that large meat corporations shortchange small cattle farmers and then end up jacking up the retail prices of already processed meat (beef) products sold and distributed in retail chains and stores nationwide. 

One such Beef Price-Fixing Antitrust Lawsuit, with the name of Howard Samuels, et al. v. Cargill, Inc., et al., was filed in mid-2020, accusing meat processors of price-fixing and other maliciously driven conspiracy actions.

What Will Happen To Howard Samuels, et al. v. Cargill, Inc., et al. And Other Cases

Government involvement in the wide-ranging and all-encompassing legal accusations has been next to almost nothing. 

The Justice Department’s Antitrust Division has launched a probe of the four big meat companies. But as of writing, they have been mum with regards to the status of its investigation or the results and findings it has been able to compile.     

Hence, this led to the legal counsel and attorneys of the Beef Price-Fixing Antitrust Lawsuits  to start their litigation from scratch – meaning they had to do the grueling work of painstakingly gathering all of the pieces of evidence, interviews from credible sources and witnesses, and many more to build up a solid case to present in court.

As of press time, other meat-related class actions have been settled with the big four of the meat industries. 

Additionally, the class actions mentioned above are already in their discovery phase in the court. This means that the hearings are ongoing and it will be a few months more worth of waiting for parties to find out whether the class action suits will be given certification by the judge. 

Editor’s Note on Beef Price-Fixing Antitrust Lawsuit:

This quick feature aims to give you a quick rundown of the status of the meat price-related class action suits raised against the U.S.’s four main meat companies and the like. We also suggest you the Chicken Antitrust Settlement.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Howard B. Samuels, et al. v. Cargill, Inc., et al.; Case No.: 0:20-cv-01319-NEB-KMM; and others

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the District of Minnesota and others

Allegation(s): Cargill, JBS, National Beef, and Tyson have all conspired to control and fix the price of the meat products being distributed and sold in stores across the U.S. by using their influential grip in the market.                 

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